How to Serve Your Target Market by Sharing Your Knowledge in Writing

July 22, 2011

Sharing your knowledge, skills and expertise with your target market through writing is a vital component of a successful small business marketing strategy. Since nearly all of our business ideas and information are communicated in writing — on web sites, in blog posts, e-mails and articles, in Social Media and so on — the ability to do this well is a huge asset for your business.

As we’ve discussed in another article on “Personality Marketing”, in general customers tend to stick with a vendor for only a year or 2 before they move on to someone else — UNLESS they feel that they have a relationship with you. When your writing serves your target market by sharing your unique knowledge rather than the same old stuff everyone else uses customers will want to hang around.

Sometimes you need only a few words to help people remember you, such as a tag line on a business card or a 10 second networking intro with a catchy slogan. Then there are times when you need a few focused paragraphs — a short bio or introduction for Social Networking, for example, or when you are in the spotlight for something, such as receiving an award. Or perhaps you need to follow up on a referral via email and reach out to someone you’ve never met.

To boost your visibility and credibility, you need topic-specific content that serves your target market for Blogs (yours and others’), articles and newsletters (print and electronic) and your own website. It’s also helpful to have written material to draw on for discussion boards, and/or to communicate with people and post on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Marketing messages about your products and services are also important.


Recognizing your brilliant ideas is the essential first step. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to stimulate your thinking
* What are the burning issues, questions and problems that your target market deals with time and time again?
*What are you really, really good at (what comes easily to you)?
* What fascinates you?
* What annoys/frustrates YOU?
* Do you have a better way?
* About what do people always come to you for help?
* What’s your unique point of view?
* What thoughts, responses and ideas do you have about current events, popular culture, etc. that will move people forward and get them thinking?

The information you share can be as simple as a few sentences explaining a basic concept or as involved as a learning program. It doesn’t matter – what’s important is that you have two things:
* a specific, repeatable process for recognizing and capturing your brilliant ideas, and
* an understanding of how to develop, organize and clearly express these ideas in writing so that they are easily understood by and hit home with your target market

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  1. Bobby Shenkman on October 13, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    Thanks for shaking things up. Cant wait to see them all!

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