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June 27, 2010

A MasterMind Group — also called a Peer Advisory Group or Business Advisory Board —is a specially selected group of people with similar intentions who collaborate regularly to help each other achieve greater results.

All members together contribute to the “magical” experience by investing their time and energy working on each others’ businesses.

Imagine this power of multiple minds all working on YOUR business, helping you generate exponential results.

In a successful MasterMind Group, there is trust, confidentiality, commitment, sharing, respect, support, positive energy, encouragement, the intention to be held accountable and hold others accountable, and “butt kicking” when necessary!

Describing a MasterMind Group is like trying to explain the taste of chocolate – you can know about it, read about it, and listen to other people talk about it, but you just have to experience it for yourself to get what it’s really like.


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